Why call it "FreesTYle" Dunking?

FreesTYle Dunking was birthed in a way that many American inventions have found life - as an idea whose time had come.

Known over the years as trampoline dunking, Acrodunking™, extreme dunking, acrobatic slam dunking and others, FreesTYle Dunking is an appropriate name for a couple of reasons.

Not only does the word FreesTYle capture the spirit in which the sport is pursued by so many around the world but the word itself contains the name of the man who gave it birth.

frees TY le

Whenever we say FreesTYle Dunking, we are giving tribute to TY COBB and his teammates who were first known as the Dixie Daredevils. They were the first generation of athletes that paved the way for all of us as they soared around the globe spreading DUNKmocracy during the 1980's and 90's.


This latest chapter would not be possible without you and the fellas you led.


From performance to competition,

FreesTYle Dunking continues to evolve.