If you're not a USFDF member


If you're not sure if you are a USFDF member or you want to make sure you are registered to vote for the 2020 Flyte Awards, sign up so we have your current contact information.

Why Enlist?

If you are a freesTYle dunker in America with the desire to take your gift as far as you possibly can, at the very minimum, you should consider partnering with other like minded dunkers to help plot the direction our sport should take.  


By joining the USFDF you will receive notifications announcing competition opportunities, training opportunities, performance opportunities and opportunities to drive the direction of the sport.

We need judges, places to host training conferences and widespread commitment as we develop the competitive aspects of the US freesTYle dunk community.

BUT, MOST IMPORTANTLY, we need to know who YOU are and we need a direct line of communication with you. We know there are retired dunkers that may want to contribute as judges or advisors and they and others may not be as connected as you, so please spread the word.


Now is the time to stand up and be counted. If you decide now is not the time for you, we understand and we'll be here when you feel the time is right but we have a question for you to consider:


Where else in your life do you pass up opportunities to make positive impact on something you love?