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Dunk Ninja 

Contest, Clinic & Mini Conference

April 18-20, 2018
Dallas, TX

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Come back later to find out when our next competition is scheduled or if you are a dunker based in the USA, become a member of the USFDF and receive updates about sanctioned competitions, training and performing opportunities.

Congratulations to Demitri Briggs, 

Dunk Ninja Dallas 2018 Champion

2nd Place - Kyle Gudde

3rd Place - Richard Smith

Best Trick Champion - David St. Pierre

Visit ACRODUNK Facebook page to watch FB Live video

The Clinic & Mini Conference*

3 days of dunk & career training
April 18-20, 2018

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Day 1 Dunk Training:

2pm - 5pm

•Uptown/Downtown Trampolines 

•Tower of Power

•Side placement Mini-Trampolines

•Dunk Ninja scoring and designing your run

•Dunk Ninja Prelims



•Performance for client volunteers 

Day 1 Conference Discussions:


•USFDF Mission & Your Personal Brand Development  - Jerry L. Burrell

•What It Looks Like To Chase Your Dream  - Panel: K. Gudde, A. Cyrus, J.L. Burrell & others

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Day 2 Dunk Training & Competition:


Local media promotional performance - Dallas ABC Affiliate WFAA studio


1pm - 4pm

•Dunk Ninja Prep


5pm - 6:30pm

•Dunk Ninja Finals Session 1 (4 contestants)

•Best Trick Competition

•Dunk Ninja Finals Session 2 (4 contestants)


Friday, April 20, 2018

Day 3 Conference Discussions:

9am - 11am

•Recovering From Injury - Andrew Cyrus, Jr

•Can I Make a Living Doing This? - Group Discussion

•Mastering social media - Group Discussion


•12:30pm performance for Men's Conference attendees

Day 3 dunk training:

1pm - 3pm

•Open training


*Segment times and conference topics are subject to change - Final schedule provided on-site.


Dunk Ninja Contest

Do you have what it takes to be the Ultimate DUNK NINJA?   


The DUNK NINJA (DN) freesTYle dunk course is designed for solo and 2man team contests and allows action sports athletes to showcase their dunk repertoire, their stamina and their athleticism.


Completing DN requires focus, strategy and fitness. Competitors will be put to the test in ways that will expose any of their weaknesses.

The 2018 DN course includes 2 new elements: The High Jump Dunk (Dunk over a 6, 7 or 8ft challenge) and the Tower of Power drop-in skill (Instead of just dropping in, competitors may perform a skill from the platform to the bed of the trampoline). 

DN 2018 will challenge even the best dunkers to not take it for granted.

Each contestant will get 3.5 minutes to complete the course or be disqualified (30 seconds longer than DN 2017). Any competitor whose DN run is longer than 3 minutes will not benefit from the completion time points and will be penalized. A different dunk/skill must be performed on each trampoline with duplicate and triplicate dunks/skills penalized.


The 2018 DN scores are weighted with approximately 50% for Difficulty, approximately 30% for Attractiveness, Virtuosity and Innovation (AVI) and

approximately 20% for completion time. Judges scores combined with the completion time points/penalties will determine final score. 

As opposed to 2017 Dunk Ninja where the lowest score won, the highest score will earn the championship in the 2018 upgrade. The revised scoring is based loosely on a 100 point scale.  

The Conference


Past Events

Past Events


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